New HMA Program Starts 4/4

NEMAD is excited to announce a new program offering, Hybrid Martial Arts (HMA)!

Hybrid Martial Arts is a modern system which combines Kickboxing and Fitness to make an incredible system for both health and self defense! HMA Training is unique. We believe that fitness and martial arts should be accessible and safe for everyone. Train with an actual martial arts instructor with decades of experience.

We start with a Personal Training Assessment with your goals, then it’s Beginner’s “Drills for Skills!” Basic REAL skills like Punching, Kicking and Footwork. Pad Work Drills with a partner Great for stress relief! Controlled Touch Step Sparring with the instructor and your friends. FUN!

Smaller class sizes, we are not a commercial school. 

Get fit, improve your balance and self awareness. 

Gain confidence, strength, and flexibility.

Any Martial Art, regardless of style, is designed to push your limits and it’s typically great for developing physical and especially mental fortitude.

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