About Us

Our Roots and History

Our roots here at NEMAD trace directly back to Sensei (later Shihan) John Saviano Sr. and his dojo, the Warren Karate Dojo. Several of our most senior instructors, most notably Sensei Alfred Souza, trained directly under Sensei Saviano for many years. Sensei Saviano began his Shotokan Karate-Do Dojo in 1964, on Water Street in Warren, RI.

Sensei Saviano trained under, and was ranked by, Master Robert Trias of the United States Karate Association. Sensei Saviano was the Rhode Island representative of the USKA.

Sensei Saviano also trained with Master Alfred Church, who founded Kamishin Ryu (Divine Heart Style). Sensei Saviano was ranked in and belonged to the Kamishin Kai.

Sensei Saviano also trained under Master Richard Baillargen and James Benko of Connecticut. These two gentlemen founded the Hakkoryu Martial Arts Federation and Sensei Saviano became a member.

Sensei Saviano trained in Aikido with Sensei Jack Leonardo in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

In 1977 Sensei Saviano stopped teaching Shotokan Karate-Do in order to concentrate his study and teachings in Aikido, in which he also held blackbelt rankings.

At a later point Sensei Saviano began calling his art Aiki-Jutsu. He continued Studying and teaching Aiki-Jutsu, Kyudo, Shiatsu, and many other disciplines until his death in 2003.

We, Sensei Saviano’s former students, have continued to train in and teach both Shotokan Karate-Do and Aiki-Jutsu here at NEMAD.

We have made many efforts to add to our martial arts knowledge by running and also attending seminars from some of the world’s foremost traditional martial artists.

We have trained directly with:

Shihan Morio Higaonna, Gojo Ryu
Shihan Fumio Demura, Shito Ryu – Weapons
Shihan Kanazawa, Shotokan
Shihan Okazaki, Shotokan
Shihan Nishiyama, Shotokan
Shihan Osamu Ozawa, Shotokan
Shihan Matsubara, Kendo

Sensei Harry Cook, Shotokan, Gojo Ryu
Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi, Shotokan

Shihan Tabata, Shotokan
Shihan Chiba, Aikido

Also many others too numerous to list in Judo, Aikido, Tang-Soo Do, Koshin Ryu Kempo, Knife-Fighting, etc.

“One becomes a beginner after 1,000 days of training. One becomes a master after 10,000 days of practice.” ~ Mas Oyama

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