We Are a Traditional Dojo

In this day and age there are many different types of martial arts dojos (schools) in this country. However, there are very few truly traditional dojos in the United States. We are one of those truly traditional dojos.

A strictly traditional school such as ours is concerned with developing the mind, body, and spiritual connection that exists in all people. We are committed to the personal growth in these three areas for all of the students that come to train here at N.E.M.A.D.

What also sets us apart from almost all other dojos is the fact that we do not participate in any tournaments or competitions. Unlike most schools, there are no trophies in our dojo! Instead, each of our students “wins” by their own personal development towards a stronger mind, body, and spirit. Most people tell us that they prefer the fact that we do not compete in tournaments. Due to how few traditional dojos there are, many people are unaware of the fact that a traditional dojo is an excellent alternative to a ‘sport’ type of dojo.

A traditional dojo is a very special place, with many of our students feeling that it is a sacred place (much like a shrine)! It is a place that is uplifting to each of its students and it should be revered and cared for by its students. Our blackbelts have learned that martial arts training is a way of life that will improve their dealings with others.

The cornerstone of a traditional dojo is respect for all! The world runs on money, the family runs on love, and a traditional dojo runs on mutual respect between each of its particpants.

We are not interested in overcoming others to win awards, we teach the true meaning of Funakoshi’s art.



“Karate begins and ends with courtesy.” ~ Gichin Funakoshi

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