Ukemi Workshop 5/22 & 5/24

Rhode Island Iaido & Kempo Club will be hosting an Ukemi Workshop at 7:15 on Monday May 22nd and Wednesday, May 24th.

Beginners and experienced martial artist will benefit from this workshop of falling and throwing while utilizing natural law principals.

The beginner basics of rolling, falling and breakfalls will be demonstrated and practiced.

This is fundraiser for the dojo so come on down and have some fun throwing around your budo friends!  Just roll with it!



Women’s Self Defense

We’ve all seen the statistics; every 8 seconds in American someone is sexually assaulted.

1 in 5 women have been the victim of serious physical violence.

Campus assaults are on the rise.

At NEMAD we believe in helping women become educated, alert and empowered to avoid danger and when needed, defend themselves.

We host self defense classes at our Seekonk dojo, or we can come to you site and host a session there.  Please contact us to arrange your class today:

Dojo Director
Brian A. Kreizinger
Cell Phone: 508-561-9289