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For our students who choose to practice remotely to reduce their Covid-19 risk exposure, we are offering videos to aid with training.

As Funakoshi said, “Karate is like boiling water. If you do not heat it constantly, it will cool.”

Welcome from Dojo Director Brian Kreizinger

Our Shotokan Work Out Tips & Drills to
Improve Technique
Part 1 Warm Ups Basics of Stances
Part 2 Basic Techniques Moving Through Stances
Part 3 Lunging Blocks – There’s a twist!
Part 4 Kumite: 3-point (3-step) Sparring Balance Drills
Front Snap Kicks
Roundhouse Kicks
Roundhouse Kicks pt 2 w/Will
Part 5 Kata
Listed below by rank
10 Elbows
Makiwara 1
Makiwara 2
Arm Conditioning
Color Belts Katas
Intro to Taikyoku Shodan Step-by-step introduction to our 1st kata
Taikyoku Shodan For white belts Heian Shodan For yellow belts
Taikyoku Nidan For white belts Heian Nidan For blue belts
Taikyoku Sandan For white belts Heian Sandan For green belts
Ten No Kata Omote For orange & green belts Heian Yodan For purple belts
Heian Godan For purple belts
The following kata are not used for rank testing, however they are a part of the overall Shotokan ciriculum and are presented here for students wishing to further their learning
Taikyoku Godan Taikyoku Yodan Taikyoku Roku

Advanced kata are intended for advanced students.  The following videos are for the express use of NEMAD students and are password protected.  If you are a NEMAD student and need the password, please reach out for Brian K. either by phone or through Facebook.

Brown belt level katas Tekki Shodan, Tekki Nidan, Tekki Sandan

Black belt level katas Empi Sho, Bassai Dai, Jion, Hangetsu, Kanku Dai, Gankaku, Sochin, Jiin, Nijushiho

2019 Sandan Promotion Kata Meikyu, Kanku Sho, Gojyu Shi Ho So, Jutte

2020 Godan & Sandan Promotion Kata 1st Kata Series, Seisan, Unsu

Additional Videos

To enhance our study of the arts, we often go beyond our traditional workout to learn additional techniques, from traditional weapons like ken (sword) and the jo to more contemporary concepts such as street-fighting defense.  A broader range of knowledge increases a practitioner’s understanding of their own art.

Escaping Jo: Basics
Self-Defense Tips Jo: 8 Blocks/8 Strikes
What is a Weapon? Jo Kata 1
Figure 8 Drills Jo Katas Featuring Shihan Al Sousa
Escrima Stick Intro Jo Warm Ups
Knife Defense Part 1 Aiki Jo 13 Moves
Knife Defense Part 2 Aiki Jo 24 Moves
Kumiken (sword) Aiki Jo 31 Moves
Nunchaku Basic Jo 1 – JS