Weight Room

We feature a very well-equipped weight room with thousands of pounds of steel weights, with both Olympic and standard plates & bars. We have a cable crossover machine, military press and calf machine with built-in weight stacks. There are standard dumbbells in 5 pound increments from 10-50 pounds, and Olympic dumbbells for higher weights. There is a programmable exercise bike, a back stretching rack, roman chair, 2 benches, leg press, leg curl, preacher bench, etc.

The weight room is available to all of our adult students at no additional charge.

The weight room is open one-half hour before and after (as well as during) each scheduled class. All adult students with the rank of brown belt, and higher ranks, have keys to the dojo. This allows them unlimited access to the weight room each day


“Beginning is easy, continuing is hard.” ~ Japanese Proverb

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