Board of Yudansha
(Black Belt Board of Directors)

Shotokan Ryu Karate-Do

Dominick Acquaviva 5th Dan
Nick Acquaviva 5th Dan
Brian Kreizinger 5th Dan
Michael Clare 5th Dan
Joe McCoy 5th Dan
Michael Harty 4th Dan
 Jason Staley 4th Dan
Steven A. McKenzie, Sr. 3rd Dan
Jim Moore 3rd Dan
Jack Renaud 3rd Dan


Shihan Alfred Souza 7th Dan, Aiki-Jutsu
4th Dan, Shotokan

In our organization, we believe that when you attain the rank of sandan – 3rd degree black belt (approx. 15 years study) – you are a Karate Sensei. All of the above listed instructors have attained Sensei-level karate abilities and rank. They all teach here at NEMAD. Their years in the martial arts range from 18 years to over 45 years.

In addition to the senior instructors listed above, there are also over 20 additional black belts that attend and teach at our regular classes.

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